A Quick Introduction

by foxxxrob


This is “Life After Having a Life.” (Not to be confused with the popular blog authored by ghosts: “Life After Being Alive.”) My name is Rob.  That’s as much of a biography as I can give without rereading what I’ve written and wanting to jump out a window. Don’t worry I’m not suicidal, I’m only on the second story. I just figure breaking my legs would be a nice release (cutting yourself is SO 90’s) .

I’m not depressed. Just bored. Really bored. I graduated from college almost 2 years ago (fight urge to jump out window) and now I work full time.  The job market being a bitch and everything, I only recently got this job. Because of this I still live with my parents.  So everyday I wake up, work, come home, and go to sleep in my thoroughly masturbated in childhood bed (oh God I just started to proofread that…it’s awful…phew the window’s frozen shut).

This is my third crack at blogging, here’s number 1, and number 2.  The first blog was created to pass time over one summer, and the second blog was created to pass time while unemployed.  Both, as you can tell, were eventually abandoned.  Unlike the last two, I plan on keeping this going for more than a few months, and hopefully adding contributors.

Being in this current phase of my life is weird. Some would say I’ve started my “journey through life.” Those people are fucking idiots. I am no more “on a journey” now than I am when I stand waiting for the train in the morning. The only difference is that there aren’t any metaphorical homeless people singing at this metaphorical bus station…or something.

All I know is that being at a standstill like this has made me antsy, at times it’s downright maddening. Somehow I have faith that this will all work itself out. A more apt name for this blog would have been “Life In Between Lives”, but that was taken by a gentleman in Calcutta blogging about his experiences as a spirit being while awaiting reincarnation. While I wait for the ball to get rolling I guess I’ll just…um…shit.  So there it is, my quick intro.


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