America’s Gayest Ally (Hint: Not France Anymore)

by foxxxrob


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These are pictures of a South Korean military unit frolicking in the snow like they’re in a Playgirl shoot titled “Modern Warriors of the Far East.”

The real reason for their fabulous romp in the snow is “winter endurance training.” Afterward the soldiers warmed themselves with a pillow fight, hot coco, and lube extracted from those Trojan Warm Sensations condoms.

The less amusing part of this story is that this training is all a part of South Korea’s initiative to enhance combat readiness against North Korea. You know? That 60 year blood feud that’s about to boil over again. The two countries have been exchanging intimidation tactics and ACTUAL attacks for the last few months.

Although I fully support South Korea, I have to say it seems like North Korea has the upper hand as far as these intimidation tactics go.  Or am I the only one who thinks:  shelling a military base > shirtless snowball fight.

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