Awkward White Basketball

by foxxxrob


Now that I live in the suburbs again I like to do suburban things. There are few things more befitting of a suburban lifestyle than playing basketball at a local rec center.  My little brother and I have started doing this pretty regularly. It’s a good workout and it’s pretty fun.  The only problem is that I get a little self conscious when I’m playing.

I suck at basketball, and although my little brother might disagree, so does he.  We both suck at basketball. Our one on one games consist of us panting, stumbling, chucking threes and fouling the shit out of each other.  Seriously by the third game we make more sweaty man contact than John Travolta in a bathhouse sauna (HEEYYYYOOOO). We are two awkward white dudes playing something that vaguely resembles basketball in the same way that a drunken wiffle ball game resembles baseball.

Another reason I feel awkward is that pretty much everyone else at the rec center we go to is black. Now, it isn’t their race that makes me feel insecure, it’s my own. One of the things I love about University City is that it’s really diverse: black, white, even a large Jewish population.  Diversity is good, I loved growing up in such a diverse part of town.  You get to see a lot of different perspectives, also it makes you feel better than all of your friends who grew up in neighborhoods whiter than a blizzard.

But like I said, we suck at basketball, and it makes us look SO white. I hate being the awkward white guy. It’s the one drawback to our rainbow colored utopia.  It’s probably my fault anyway, regardless of who’s playing around me.  It’s pretty hard NOT to look that way when you’re decked out in Nike, focusing on your fundamentals, and the best part of your game is “hustle.” If only our Jewish population were better represented on the hardwood.

I’ll keep on ballin’ though. After all it is fun as hell. Maybe one day I’ll even get asked to play in a pickup game. I’m getting tired of the old guy who only shoots free throws getting asked to play instead of me. He IS automatic from 20ft though.

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