Another Quick Introduction

by DominoCortez


Hi there! My name is Domino Cortez. I’ll be filling in for Rob whenever his HIV lesions make it too painful for him to type. But fear not, whereas Rob talks about how bummed he is for not being in school anymore I try to find the silver lining. Granted, this is done through the use of alcohol and other fun drugs, but it’s more up-beat and that is what I know you want to read.  Rob and I do have some similarities, I graduated college, I’m unhappily employed, feeling a bit stuck in my position, and my penis is huge.

To be perfectly honest I’m not finding a lot of meaning in life. This isn’t to say I’m some weird nihilist (We believe in NOTHING LEBOWSKI!) it’s just that I don’t take a lot of comfort in religion, the drive to create miniature versions of myself, or how the world’s being run these days. I see myself as a lone wolf on the prowl for the meaning of our existence. Once I finally track it down I’m going to eat it with my wolf teeth.  I won’t share, but I’ll tell you what it tasted like.  That’s pretty much everything you need to know.  I hope to share a few stories, maybe hear a few from you, and generally try to make sense of what the fuck it means to be alive. Until then, happy self medicating!


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