Train People

This is going to be our first recurring segment (you know, until I think of more weird Harry Potter sex stuff), involving “interesting” people I see on the train to work.  Most people on the train are pretty normal, or at least boring, so this won’t be an everyday thing.  It also depends on my ability to snap a picture of them, which is NOT easy.  You have to A) avoid their detection and B) hope one of the 30 people sitting behind you doesn’t intercede because it’s creepy to take pictures of strangers. Unfortunately “it’s for my blog” doesn’t fly with most people.

I guess if someone ever did try to get involved I could just tell the nosy strangers that I’m picking out skin I like, Buffalo Bill style. That would probably get them to back off (incidentally I imagine that there are wizards, who instead of harvesting the skin of fat women, just use some polyjuice potion before standing in front of the mirror and doing the Buffalo Bill routine…I need to stop).

The very first of our “train people” was definitely the most stylish person on board today.  That’s saying something too because I’m pretty sure the old maid 5 rows back was wearing nothing but the 1992 Land’s End catalog.  This transit fashionista still takes the title though.  I don’t know if this gentleman wears his heart on his sleeve, but his dreams were on his hood.


I’m not the fashion police but can you imagine this hoodie being purchased for any reason other than the pictures on it? It looks like a mentally challenged T.I. fan circa 2002 designed this thing. It can’t be warm, although the fleece did look as soft as down syndrome.  Also, why not just go for broke and diamond stud the rim too?

I’m kidding myself though if I were to believe for one minute that I wouldn’t buy this hoodie at Target for fifteen dollars. I’d do it in a heartbeat. I too desire the finer things in life, and it’s only fitting that I should display them on my winter apparel.

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