Trust Your Instincts…Especially About Molesters

by foxxxrob


I remember being told by professors in college that your first guess on a test is usually the right one.  You should trust your instincts. Ironically my initial instinct was to not trust the professors. That could’ve been because I was once date raped by an English professor at a winery though.  But enough about why River Boat Red gives me panic attacks, apparently you should go with your gut. And if it’s true with tests, then it’s probably true with just about everything in life.  You should trust your instincts.

This theory was reaffirmed for me the other day after finding out some news that should probably not have been as shocking as it was.  A former manager of mine at one of my former places of employment was recently charged with some sexual crimes involving young people under the age of 15. That is as much detail I will go into about it, as the charges are still pending, he hasn’t actually been tried yet.  Innocent until proven gross, I guess.

Like I said, I was quite surprised by this news, but I totally shouldn’t have been. The guy was a major creep.  I’m pretty sure the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw him was “molester.” He had my MolesDAR blowin’ up.  But as with tests, the more you question yourself, the more likely you will over think yourself into the wrong answer. I was no different.  Although at first I was thoroughly convinced that this guy was a van owner, the longer I was around him the more I talked myself into thinking he wasn’t.

He was a nice guy (how much my rosy cheeks and small hands had to do with that I’ll never know), and he wasn’t some sort of quiet lurker. But there were signs, some immediate, and some that revealed themselves over time. I feel like a fool for ignoring them now, all because I wanted see the best in people.

The evidence against him was pretty overwhelming.  He had a goatee, he was obsessed with his dogs, like included them in the Christmas card obsessed, and referred to them as “the kids” (I’m afraid to delve deeper into that one). He exchanged phone numbers with all the high school girls that worked there, his name was Chester (just kidding, I wish). Oh and he shared explicit details about his weird sex life with a number of underage employees.

It seems so obvious now that a man who would tell 15 year old girls about how he and his wife swing with other couples is probably a child molester. Hindsight, as I’m sure he’s well aware, is 20/20.  So there I was ignoring blatant warning signs just because he was a nice guy who liked to talk Mizzou football, always let me watch “Finding Nemo” on his pink portable DVD player, and had tons of free Tootsie Pops.

Even after hashing out everything here, I’m still shocked. I’m left wondering why he would do something like that. Being a creep aside, he was a nice guy. Nice people don’t massage the inner thighs of tweens. He was a swinger though, so his sexual appetite was definitely weird. And maybe swinging was no longer enough of a rush for him. I suppose having group sex with a bunch of overweight hoosiers after downing a 12 of Busch could lose its luster after a while.



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