Portuguese Man, Portuguese Man’s Penis, Murdered in NYC


An elderly Portuguese fashion journalist was castrated and then bludgeoned to death by his young Portuguese male model boyfriend in their New York City hotel. Family and friends reported that everything seemed normal between the two, although they had been fighting, jealousy issues were cited.

Yikes. Castrated? Bludgeoned? If anyone still had any question about which crimes of passion were the most dramatic I think we have our answer:  the gay Portuguese ones.  The story reports that the two men were in New York to celebrate New Year’s Eve and to catch some shows on Broadway, although that kind of goes without saying.

The article mentions that the men actually went to see the show “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark.” I don’t want to jump to conclusions here but that show did get terrible reviews. I know I wouldn’t be too happy if I flew all the way across the Atlantic and a show scored by Bono ended up being my first Broadway experience.

I doubt the killing was due to seeing a crappy musical, but the reports mentioned that the couple was arguing the whole trip. I’m going to submit that at least one of those arguments, or a part of one of those arguments, was about having to go see that awful musical.

So now let’s all take a moment to reflect on the knowledge that the new Spiderman musical was so bad that it probably might have maybe partially led a man to saw off his lover’s genitals and beat him to death.  Way to go Bono.


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