Allow myself, to introduce…myself

Hi. My name is Charles Brokowski.  I’ll be joining Rob, Kyle and that dreadful man from south of the border,  Domino Cortez, in contributing to this chronicle of those whose lives aren’t quite living up to expectations.

I am a recent college graduate (recent being May) and a somewhat n00b to that routine, soul crushing, self-worth disparaging “logical”-life-step world of full time employment.

I grew up in a somewhat forward-thinking enclave in an incredibly backwards-thinking city in an even more backwards-thinking (and by my estimates 95% illiterate) state. I was pleased to attend college in a state that was arguably more “progressive” (read: swing state) plus it had the bonus of multiple pro sports franchises. Now I am back in said backwards state.

In college I managed to booze most nights of the week, occasionally take drugs, and still seem accomplished to professors and my parents. Some might call that “functional alcoholism”, I call it having “fun skills.” Anyways, regardless of what anyone says, there’s really nothing super great to take note of once you leave school. Sure you can have kids at some point, though that brings up an entirely new line of discussion. (By the way, does it piss anyone else off that any impoverished, mouth breathing couple with barely a high school education can be deemed legally fit to birth and take care of a human but you still need a license to take a fucking fish out of a lake[sentiments stolen from a late ’80s Steve Martin movie]? Damn it, does this make me a eugenicist?)

Anyways, post-college, I now spend my days working hours under the glow of fluorescent lights in a room without windows, staring at a computer screen, mindlessly clicking and tapping away in the name of marketing. I work only really looking forward to those evenings where I’m numbed by watery, cheap beer, generic-brand spirits or moved by music or the odd drug experience or the too elusive fuck. (Shit, that’s kind of a downer ain’t it?)

I tend to go off on tangents in my writing and hope at the very least I can entertain you somewhere close to the degree that Mr. Cortez, Mr. Hanes and Mr. Foxxx have entertained me in these early days of the blog.

How about we just pretend that my complete lack of direction in the content that I contribute to this site is some grand metaphor for the way most of us feel about the way our lives are progressing now.

Chuck Brokowski

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