The Fame Monster Rears its Ugly Head

You never know who's following you...or your blog

Once you’ve successfully established yourself on the internet, as we clearly have, you’re bound to get a couple “grabbers on.”  People will try to link to your site to garner traffic, or maybe because you have similar content.  Apparently when one of these said “grabbers on” read our site, he thought his blog had similar content to ours. It does not.

The site, called Extream View Blog (which I highly recommend you DON’T view), is comprised mostly of videos involving real footage of suicide, stabbings, foreign police shootings, murder, and bonus scenes from the Boondock Saints DVD. All very awful, disturbing stuff.

So far at least four people have been referred here via the link this disturbed blogger placed on his site.  To those four people, I apologize, as I’m sure you lost whatever violence induced boner you had rather quickly.  Here’s hoping you come back to our site if you ever need a good laugh. Otherwise clear that browser history now before you have to do some awkward explaining to your mom/wife/roommate/librarian.

They always say the wrong type of people will try and hang around you once you’re successful, I guess I’m finding out how true that is. Personally I would’ve preferred a coke dealer to internet murder fetishists, but you have to take baby steps I suppose.

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  1. […] probably dead now though.  I’ll be checking for the no doubt horrific footage of his demise on Extream View Blog (our murder/death related sister blog) to see if any footage was […]

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