Snowpocalypse Creates Carpocalypse in Pittsburgh

I wish the video below weren’t edited.  I’d like to see the cars when they start at the top of the hill.  The first two or three that slid down and crashed are understandable I guess. Maybe you should realize that you live on the steepest hill in Pittsburgh and it’s icy outside, but whatever.  The next few though? How do you not see the carpocalypse at the bottom of that hill that was caused by the snowpocalypse that just hit your city again? How many pocalypses do there need to be before you proceed with more caution damnit?

It does seem like if a driver had simply taken two seconds to observe the hill they probably wouldn’t have driven down it. Did they not piece everything together when they saw the newly formed scrap yard in their neighborhood? I wonder what they were thinking when they reached the intersection at the top of the hill?

“Boy there sure are a lot of jackass drivers this time of [starts downhill, loses control] WHAT’S HAPPENING?? HOLY FUCK I CAN FUCKING STOP THIS THING! [crashes into parked car, keeps sliding] SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! OH FUCK WE’RE GONNA HIT THE TELEPHONE POLE! [hits telephone pole, comes to stop] MOTHERFUCKER! Are you okay kids?

Thankfully from what I saw in the video it looks like no one was injured.  I can only assume that the man near the end of the video attempting to scale the hill to block the street off with cones is probably dead now though.  I’ll be checking for the no doubt horrific footage of his demise on Extream View Blog (our murder/death related sister blog) to see if any footage was released.

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