Euroleague Basketball Announcer Sounds Like Cartoon Stereotype of Himself

Every once in a while God gives you little gifts throughout the day to keep your spirits light at work. Sometimes it’s a Pi Pizza. Sometimes it’s old people taking heinous craps in the stall next to you that sound like someone is shooting hot beef stew out of a high pressure water cannon.  And sometimes it’s a Euroleague basketball announcer sounding exactly like these guys:

Today’s epic Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv vs. Lottomatica Roma matchup was called by a man I can only assume is Europe’s answer to Mike Tirico.  For the record I think he may have been Israeli but his accent is almost identical (there’s a touch of Borat too). Click this link to watch and judge for yourself (you’ll have to skip ahead a little bit).

God bless his enthusiasm and his English that’s only about 5% broken.  If I don’t hear this guy calling a Knicks-Celtics game for ESPN in 5 years it’s a crime. Listen up NBA, you don’t just bring in an international audience with international players. You gotta throw some culture into the booth too! Get on it!

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