What I Read This Weekend


Me: Hey.

I do a killer LeVar Burton impression.

“What did you do this weekend?”

I listened to an audiobook.


This is the first in a series of posts entitled “What I Read This Weekend“. I plan on beginning the series today and continuing every Monday hereafter. Each Monday, I will recap my weekend by highlighting the book/ newspaper or magazine article I read (or in the case of the past weekend, audiobook I heard).

I found this post-weekend blog series to be a pretty good representation of life, post-college. Don’t get me wrong, post-college life isn’t terrible. You still stay socially active, and work brings new experiences. It’s just that reading becomes an all-too-common leisure activity. An activity compelling enough to blog about.

And if you get upset with me for dedicating a weekly blog post to reading, I’ll remind you that you’re already reading…

See what I did there? I just hit you with some knowledge and logic. And you know why I’m so knowledgeable and logical? It’s because I read, or listen to audiobooks.

Now, it’s time for my best LeVar Burton (host, Reading Rainbows) impression…

This weekend, I lent my attention to the audiobook of The Politician. It tells the insane story of trial lawyer-turned-U.S. senator-turned-presidential hopeful-turned-worst husband ever, John Edwards. The news and tabloids spoiled nearly every major plot point of the story, but this is an insider’s account (meaning small details are included). For example, Edwards, showing full commitment to his role as “the next JFK”, had an affair with a free-spirited blond (Rielle Hunter). What’s worse (and completely un-JFK-esque)? His wife was battling life-threatening cancer while the affair was taking place. Even worse than that? Edwards bragged to Rielle that he was going to eventually marry her and have the Dave Matthews Band play at their wedding.

Another example of the interesting details littered throughout the book–

“Please don’t. I’m bored.”

Ugh. I am, too. Not that the story itself is uninteresting…

I promise these won’t become weekly book reports…

“Is this really what life becomes?”


Come to think of it, though, this will no longer become a weekly series. I can’t handle the introspection.

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