The Best of January

I have a feeling that after seeing the title of this post you, as the reader, are asking yourself one of two questions:

1) Are they really that lazy that they’re going to use up a post rehashing old posts instead of writing something new? (yes)

2) Are they really so arrogant that they think they can get away with a “best of” post? (see above)

But hey, maybe you haven’t read every single article on this site. Maybe this will be a convenient way for you to read lots of funny articles that you missed earlier. Or maybe you should stop being such a dick all the time!

Without further ado, Life After Having a Life’s best articles of January:

Harry Potter and the Sexual Deviants

A very realistic and well researched look at how pretty much everything in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world can be misused by perverts.

Begging to Get Blown Off

My appropriately written responses to the dumbest class assignments I’ve ever gotten.

Turn On, Sign In, Drop Out

About the joys (allowing other people to document your memories) and annoyances (people bitching about it all the time) of Facebook.

Thank Galgameth It’s Friday

All about pooping at work

Why Kanye West’s Crusade Against Award Shows is Important

Did you not read the title?

I’m a Whole New Man

Revamping my personality after my horoscope changed

Dear Joe,

He used to be gay for cigarettes

The 14-16 Hour Rule

Drinking is the only thing that will keep you sane

Why Justin Bieber is Historically Important

Did you not read the title again?

A Synopsis of The Dilemma by Someone Who Has Only Seen Two Previews

We went through a phase where our titles were really self explanatory

What’s That Black Guy Doing On My TV?

If you guessed that this was about the State of the Union, you’re the racist, not us.

Thank Buddha for this Day of Nirvana

Why fat people are even less tolerable when they are in charge of you and bad at their jobs.

Playing God, Not Kevin Spacey

This article is too smart for you even though it’s about celebrities.

The Four Horsemen of the Snowpocalypse are Upon Us

What’s really going to happen in this horrific snowstorm

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