iCarly Forcing Children to Hate the Homeless, Say Internet Busybodies

The ever controversial show “iCarly” is in the news after once again raping the minds of America’s youth.  The show has come under fire from the highly reputable, perpetually offended advocacy group “People Who Own Computers and Have No Sense of Humor.”  The show is being criticized for one of their running jokes: hobos. You can find pictures of a “Hobo Party” (sounds awesome by the way) on their website.

Now, as someone who makes fun of hobos so often that I routinely have to comb over blog posts I’ve written to cut hobo jokes, I’m obviously not offended. The good people of the internet very much are however. The jokes have caused enough backlash to warrant both a Facebook fan page and an article in the Huffington Post.

Offended parties have cried foul, claiming that the jokes are insensitive and teaching our children to hate the homeless. To be fair I think a mother frantically pulling her child away from a man in tattered clothes who’s screaming at an alley wall does a far better job of that.  What many of the people are upset about is that someone would make fun of a group of people for their unfortunate circumstances. On the surface that seems reasonable, it would definitely be unfair to do that. But at no point is anyone being made fun of for being without a home. No iCarly character shouts:

Haha you don’t have a place to live!

That would be cruel.  Hobos are not mocked because of their circumstances. They’re mocked because of the way they act: fucking crazy. I posted our site’s official stance on the Facebook page:

People have every right to make fun of hobos. Smoking crack is funny. Taking craps in a dumpster is funny. Stabbing another hobo with a sharpened screwdriver to steal his cans and silence the voices in their head is funny.  There’s a reason people make fun of hobos and not refugees, another group that is technically homeless.  Refugees are tragic, hobos are comical, or rather comically tragic, like a hobo clown. Hey?!? Where’s the uproar about hobo clowns damnit! By the way, if you look at those iCarly hobo party pictures, they are dressed exactly like hobo clowns, minus the face paint.

There are some who don’t view hobos as the comically tragic figures that they are though. To them the exceptions to the rule of hobos are apparently the norm. Not surprisingly those people are Canadian.

Those hobos sound exactly like I imagined Canadian hobos.  Apparently Vancouver is filled with droves of old people gathering cans and sadly groaning. I guess socialized medicine doesn’t cover retirement homes, huh? I almost wonder if this wall post is actually being extremely sarcastic.  Grandmas and Grandpas roaming Vancouver for recyclable goods is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. And the name “Alick” is almost too fitting for someone who would be offended by a children’s show and get all high and mighty about it on the internet. But assuming Alick is real, it’s really sweet of him to tear up every time he sees an old Canadian hobo. I imagine that plays out something like this:

Alick walks out of a coffee shop and sees an old homeless lady fishing through the shop’s dumpster for plastics. Grandma Hobo stuffs what she finds in a hand knit satchel that she no doubt crocheted at night on the streets. A tear comes to Alick’s eye as he is reminded of how his own grandmother was homeless for the last fifteen years of her life. If only he had realized back then that lending her some money could have helped, but he was young and naïve.

While Alick was wistfully remembering his grandmother, Grandma Hobo has approached him.

May I have some change young man?

AHHHH! AHHH! Get away from me you filthy HOBO! Gross gross gross!!! It’s trying to touch my sweater!!!!

Alick throws his latte at Grandma Hobo, terribly scalding her face.  He runs back to his car while Grandma Hobo lays on the ground screaming in pain. A group of elderly male hobos descend upon Grandma Hobo stealing her satchel and politely raping her. Life on the streets is rough, even in Canada.   Alick drives away shaking with fear, vowing never to return to the coffee shop.

That seems about right. Anyway iCarly is what it is. Getting uptight about a kids show is ridiculous, especially when the target audience is 11-14. Those kids are not innocent kindergartners, they’ve begun to be exposed to words like “fuck” and late night cable.  A witty show that makes fun of hobos by dressing up like clowns is the least of any parent’s concern, even less so of someone who has no kids. A more pertinent issue might be that your children are probably to the point where they can work the computer and television better than you. That means their watching HBO, or porno, or worst case scenario: MTV’s “Skins.”

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