Tell Us How You Really Feel

Believe it or not some people think the stuff we write is stupid or offensive or something. Not coincidentally those people are the same ones who think iCarly is the devil for making hobo jokes. Hobo is a funny word! Hobos are funny people! Lighten up.  If you want your kids to only watch PBS that’s your business, you don’t need to make everyone else suffer. Besides, the minds of your children may be far more warped if you leave them unattended long enough in front of a TV playing PBS than if you allow them to watch hobo jokes on iCarly. Or did you think they were old enough for “Ghosts of Rwanda?”

After I posted a link to our article on the antiCarly Facebook page, as well as another wall post more concisely expressing my views, I received some decently negative feedback. In case you’re wondering, I was the one who “Liked” both of their comments.

Maybe it’s my sadomasochistic tendencies, or maybe it’s my new found obsession with hate mail, but I’ve set up an email account for the blog.  Granted we get a commentator once every…well ever, but still you never know when a juicy piece of hate email (hmail) is going to come your way. So feel free to send along your angry rants, death threats, cock shots, and Buffalo Bill style pictures to . We appreciate your readership.


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