Watch Out for Those Angry Badgers

UPDATE: As if the news coming from the Wisconsin Protests wasn’t entertaining enough. This screen shot is taken from Democratic Wisconsin state senator Lena C. Taylor’s Facebook page. How can you NOT root for these people?


Workers of the world unite! OK, now that our liberal readers are forming a line to jerk me off and the conservatives are drafting their hate mail let’s talk some politics! This has been a big week for those of us with an interest in government. In this humble blogger’s opinion the brightest spotlight is on Madison, Wisconsin, site of the Wisconsin protests. Once home only to cheese, a Big Ten University, and morbid obesity (see:cheese), the Wisconsin protests have made it the front line in a battle of labor rights.

Here is a very brief recap of the Wisconsin protests as of now. The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, wants to forever end collective bargaining with state, county, and local employees with the exception of police and firefighters. He says this will save the State from their deficit, others aren’t so sure. Strangely, public workers didn’t like the idea that they would no longer be able to negotiate pay, benefits, and pension. So they all decided to take a walk, to the capital building, and sleep in it. Wisconsin protesters have flocked en masse to make their voices heard. The Wisconsin protests have even caused school to be cancelled since all the teachers seem to be more concerned with their livelihood than dealing with shit-for-brains kids.

How any one got this angle is beyond me.

This is all pretty exciting stuff, a large protest that’s gaining massive attention and not organized by the tea party. Dare I say the media is doing a good job? To be seen I suppose. Here is where the plot thickens: the bill that would end bargaining was scheduled to be voted on today. You can tell democratic leadership really combed through their playbook because their solution was to flee the state so the legislature can’t meet quorum. Ever wonder why people find politics fascinating? This is it. Old white men are literally being tracked down right now by police to bring them back for the vote! Hunted like wild animals! Most of them have fled the state. I can’t make this stuff up! If I could I’d write futuristic graphic novels…or porn, I’d write myself into porn.
Anyway, HOLY SHIT, this is a big deal right? Yes. While the scope of this specific legislation will only affect Wisconsinites the message it sends could certainly affect the right to organize in states across the union. If that doesn’t peak your interest maybe the Green Bay Fucking Packers will help change your mind. Seriously though, this could have huge consequences for many states with recently elected Republican governors, many of whom seem pretty interested in doing the same thing. What I’m saying is we could be seeing a lot of these protests. Which is bullshit that this happened after I left the public school system.

Opinion time! As if it isn’t already clear I adore every aspect of this situation. I can really get behind America showing a little more political involvement about things that WILL have a direct impact on them. Also, the more I read about the situation the more clear it becomes that this isn’t about solving the budget in the short term, or the long term really. This is about union busting! It’s not a secret that the GOP isn’t a fan of unions; from what I can tell it’s actually a pretty big part of their platform. So I ask this question: If it looks like the Wisconsin GOP is trying to take away bargaining and the GOP historically is anti-union why should I believe this is about money? This quote seems applicable, “If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck.”
Prediction time! This is going to get ugly. I’m pretty shocked that there haven’t been counter protests but I think that will change by tomorrow. I’m guessing the number or protesters is going to climb at least another 10,000 (that would be a total of 40,000 human beings) flooding Madison. It will be up to these people to not leave, which is the funny thing about protesting, there is very little ‘work’ involved. If they stay long enough and strong enough (ha) then Governor Walker will fold. He’ll have to, those 14 Democrats aren’t coming back until he changes his mind which means they legally can’t pass or fail any legislation.

Just for fun: Fuck you Ayn Rand

Just for fun: Fuck you Ayn Rand

I’m hoping that this spills onto the national stage (spoiler alert: it will!) and then everyone can get a chance to hang out in their respective state’s capitol building (BYOB). If you want to look at this as a partisan issue be my guest, but you’d be disingenuous at best. I say this because everyone that’s put a modicum of thought into our economic woes knows that step # 1 for reducing the deficit is to increase taxes on the top 2%. Instead the GOP would rather find ways to reduce pay for some of the lower wage earners in the country – public servants. So sure, if you think this is about fiscal responsibility and not one of the GOP’s longest standing pet peeves I guess that’s OK, Glenn Beck probably needs some new friends anyway, he’s building an army to fight off a caliphate or something. For the rest of us, those that don’t choose to ignore our country’s widening economic inequalities I say STAND UP AND UNITE. I swear to God this has nothing to do with my riot envy…

Oh, look things in Ohio are starting to get interesting!

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