Thank St. Isidore It’s Friday!

It’s that time again interwebs, its TGIF! This week I’ll be covering the impact of having internet access at work. I want to bear my soul to you for a minute; Uncle Domino did not have a good week. I won’t bore you with the specifics but things really did not go my way. This got me thinking about my emotions and just how drastically they can change in such a short time. With the exception of SkyNet (er… I mean IBM’s) Watson I think everyone can relate that just a few moments can impact you in deeply troubling ways. Heavy, right?


Thank god for the LOLCats! For me, the internet goes a long way in raising my mood. This is Boo; he is the most adorable thing on the entire planet. Boo probably has the potential to cure cancer, but he’s just too busy being fluffy to worry much about it. The internet is an escapist’s paradise. You want some crunchy tunes to lift your mood? The internet has that. Would reading the news put your problems in perspective? The internet has that. Porn? The internet has PLENTY of that. I’d say the internet is the Baskin Robins of porn but 32 flavors would fall woefully short of the variety of smut humanity has uploaded to arguably our greatest creation.

Being saddled to a desktop all day means I’m on a non-stop web buffet for 40 hours a week. Granted, I’ve got to earn my paycheck so after I admirably finish my duties there is only about 32 hours of mindless filler. One of the most routinely emphasized lessons taught from Middle School through College is time management. Prioritizing the internet is no different. I remember a commercial with a guy sitting in front of a computer and then a voice came on the said, “You have reached the end of the internet”, imfuckingpossible. My first reaction was “How much disgusting, soul searing, porn did that guy look at.” Second, “You can never reach the end.” I think that’s true, no person will ever view all of the content it has to offer.

Looks miserable.

Thus, I have created a hierarchy of my on-line needs. E-mail, Facebook (you do it too), humor blogs, and news. After that I’m caught up on what a twenty something NEEDS to know. Getting through that list sometimes takes maybe a half hour, other times I can’t fit it all in one day. The WWW is a fickle beast. Two big factors are how many people I’m chatting with that day and how interesting said conversations are. I try not to go too crazy with Gchat or Fbook chats but there are certain people that I really enjoy ‘talking’ to on a daily basis. Sometimes there’s a lot to discuss other times their merely just popping up to say hi. This might actually be one of my favorite aspects of our information age, geographically I’m not very close to any of them, but that’s not the case emotionally, so it’s great to stay connected. (Eat your fucking heart out Zuckerberg)

Alright, so TGIF is primarily about office/work culture so I’ll try to tie this back together. I’m sure there are many who question the kind of ethics that allow someone to waste so much company time NOT doing their job. But those people are probably Amish. In reality everyone slacks off at least a little bit at work. Even if it’s just taking 40 seconds out of your day to show your coworker a hilarious European car commercial, you’re guilty. But I wonder, at the point we are at with technology, and our reliance on it for our jobs, is this sort of behavior even a problem? At the end of the day one is measured by what they get done and the quality of that work. That’s how I judge myself anyway, and justify reading every post on Gawker and Deadspin.

Actually, I’m just being full of shit right now. It probably shouldn’t be acceptable to dick around online all day. It would lead to less productivity and eventually we’d all be just as lazy as the French, with their hoity toity mandatory two weeks of vacation and 35 hour work weeks. Look what they have to show for it, incredible culture and a wine habit… Sounds awful.

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