Train People: Cat Lady Edition

Forget guys with weird earmuffsForget graffiti. THIS is why I started writing about the people I see on the train.  Today we have a very special edition of “Train People”, the cat lady edition. No descriptive paragraphs can do justice to the scene that unfolded in front of me on this morning’s commute.  I’m simply going to provide the scene and cat lady dialogue, most of which I transcribed on my cell phone, the rest is from memory.

A homely woman sits alone on the train. It’s another humdrum morning commute. The train pulls into its next stop. She looks out the window, groggily observing the city as the sun rises over it. As she turns away from the window her attention is drawn to a small portly woman who has just boarded the train. The portly woman is clad in sweatpants and a pink t-shirt with a black cat printed in the middle. Her eyes light up as she read’s the new passenger’s T-shirt, which reads simply “I came, I purred, I conquered.”

It's a real conversation starter

Cat Lady 1: I LOVE your shirt. “I came, I purred, I conquered?” I love that.

Cat Lady 2: [giggles] Thank you! I got it at [random pet store] I just loved it, I had to get it. I’m a huge cat nut.

Cat Lady 1: I’m a total cat nut!

[Cat Lady 1 and Cat Lady 2 giggle with delight]

Cat Lady 2: Have you ever heard of [random cat shelter where lots of “cat nuts” go to play with cats]? I go there a lot…

[Cat Lady 2 gives Cat Lady 1 a look as if to say “no big deal”]

Cat Lady 1: No I haven’t heard of it…I GO THERE!

Cat Lady 2: Ohhhhhhh! [She giggles gleefully and somehow with even more enthusiasm]

Cat Lady 1: Oh yes.

Cat Lady 2: So do you know Buffboy?

Cat Lady 1: I know Buffboy VERY WELL! He is a total lap cat!

Cat Lady 2: He’s a SNUGGLE BUDDY!

[The two women laugh knowingly]

Cat Lady 1: He just wants to get in your lap! He’ll pin you down to the ground.

Cat Lady 2: Do you know Peanut or NutterButter?

Cat Lady 1: The orange tabbies? Yes, yes I’ve met them, and I knew their mother.

Cat lady 2: That’s so neat.

Cat Lady 1: Did you hear that Moses passed away?

Cat Lady 2: [shocked] No! Oh my gosh, how?

Cat Lady 1: [solemnly] He had heart problems, they had to put him down.

[Ed. Note: Because of their tone it was until this point that I assumed they were talking about a human being. Alas, Moses was a cat…a dead cat.]

Cat Lady 2: That’s so sad.

From there their conversation moved from mutual cat friends (that is to say cats that they were both friends with, not people who shared their feline passion) to cat emailing lists. The conversation ended when Cat Lady 1 reached her stop.  It was a pleasant little conversation, one that I’m sure brightened both of their mornings. It certainly brightened mine. 


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