I Don’t Care

A couple recent events have led me to some self reflection and I think this last year I’ve finally learned one of life’s most important lessons: Stop giving a shit about what people think of you.

That’s right, when your mom told you life isn’t a popularity contest and you should just be yourself, she was right. Unless you were playing Magic: The Gathering or something, you needed to cut that shit out. Quick side note, that’s quite the ironically named game, considering that if you played it that’s because no one was gathering around you. Regardless, that’s probably the second most important lesson, your mom will always be right, fucking always, it’s awful. At any rate, I think this is one of those things you start picking up on as you get a little older. I can’t speak for everyone but when I was in college I was way too concerned about the image I gave off to others. It’s pretty hard not to when you’re surrounded by DTF co-eds that are often much cooler (and way hotter) than you. Are you wearing the right clothes? Are your musical tastes up to date? Is this personal lubricant still in style?

That’s just the superficial stuff, what I always found myself being most concerned with was success. I wanted to make sure I was involved in enough organizations, had the right job, and a plan for the future that would let me look back on all the suckers I went to school with and think, “Look at how miserable your life turned out, I am KING!” Fortunately I’ve finally realized that stuff isn’t important, and quite frankly it’s a douchey way to view the world.

There are people that you meet who you will eventually just brush off. Maybe they were just an acquaintance or moved away, for whatever reason you stopped really caring about how their life was going. Then there are people who you meet that you will constantly wonder how things are panning out for them (thanks Facebook!). Typically these are going to be people you don’t like, or maybe even outright despise. For a long time I judged my position in life off of their successes and failures. For the longest time I thought if I didn’t become a lawyer I would be a failure. That is probably one of the most asinine thoughts I’ve ever entertained. Fortunately, I realized it’s not how I want to spend the rest of my life. Good thing too, law school students are fuuucked. Have fun with your big money dreams because after you graduate you’ll be offering to suck a dick just to represent someone in a traffic case.

I'm with you Batman

Haters gonna hate, right? Yes, people will always judge you and use your life as yardstick to measure themselves. Go right ahead, I see it like this: You don’t like my clothes, music, personality, or interests? That’s fine, because YOU don’t matter. See what I did there? Pretty easy, no? Seriously as soon as I stopped giving a shit and starting using all that wasted energy I spent worrying on things I like to do I became a lot happier. I’m not going to say I don’t have any insecurities or that I think my life is perfect, far from it. I just think that you should do whatever makes you happy. Most importantly avoid the things that make you unhappy, most people can’t get out of work but they could dump that shitty girlfriend, stop stalking people they hate, or quit that AIDS medicine addiction.

Maybe this is all easier for me to say because I’m a lot more removed from people I don’t like now. After graduation I’ve basically just hung out with friends at places that I want to be at. No more concerns about “face timing,” if you’ve ever gone out in a college town on Thursday you know what I mean. But really, I didn’t have to care when I was in school, I just chose to because I wanted to be a part of the crowd. Looking back that may be my biggest regret of all.

One Response to “I Don’t Care”
  1. whiteboy problemz says:

    I feel like we we’re all trying to tell you half of that stuff by going to McNally’s rather than Harpo’s for most of college. Nice though, nice.

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