Domino’s Doodles

Hey guys, I’m starting a new semi-regular feature called Domino’s Doodles and this will be my first installment. Basically I’ll just be posting pictures of drawings that I’ve been working on. Most of them are nonsensical, which is more or less the point, but I hope that they’ll make you laugh or brighten up your day.
Without further adieu here are this weeks three pics! Click to enlarge.

T-Rex Wizard Fight

This image is highly symbolic, the wizard represents progressiveness while the two Tyrannosaurs could be interpreted as America’s two competing political parties. Notice how he is attempting to fight them off with magic. Clearly this speaks to the struggle of reforming our archaic government. Very high brow.

Genitalia World

One of my favorites. A new take on family entertainment, just replace the marine life with genitals and its a whole new ball game.

Larry the Unicorn

Larry here is a pink shoed, jeans wearing, saxophone playing, unicorn. He enjoys walking on rainbows. I can’t even explain how high I was when I drew this.

That’s it for this weeks edition but I want to leave you with a proposition. It’s evident that we don’t really have a lot of comments on our posts BUT if you take the time to set up an account (takes about 1 minute) and post a comment with something you would like to see me illustrate I will draw it for you. If you’d like you can also send your ideas via e-mail. Let’s say you want to see a hamster playing the piano wearing a party hat, no problem. Be creative and I’ll put your imagination on paper for the world to see. Hope you enjoyed my drawings.

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