Domino’s Doodles (NSFW)

Welcome back to Domino’s Doodles where I attempt to brighten up your day with some drawings I’ve been working on. Without further adieu lets jump right on in.

Sexxxy Time

First up is a softcore porn drawing. Both participants really seem to be enjoying themselves, no? I added some color to symbolize the passion of coitus, decided red and yellow was best to illustrate the heated passion.

Space Pirates

This one started as purely a conceptual sketch, I really wanted to do something with a pirate ship in outer space. Once I got into it a little bit I really liked where it was going so I kept adding on. I tried to make it look like its being driven by some futuristic high tech engine on the back and powered by the solar panel sails on the front. Space Pirates are all about going green.

Godzilla Milk Wave

The concept for this came from a friend of mine saying that she learned, in a college level class, that all Asians are lactose intolerant. This sparked the idea for Godzilla destroying a town not by his fire breath but from spewing milk. The big lizard is just relaxing, maybe he heard a funny joke, then BOOM! Milk tidal wave covers the city. A few people have brought to my attention that it looks like he’s smoking something while liquid destroys everything. I am 100% OK with this interpretation. Take these doodles however you want people, let your imagination fill in the gaps.

Disclaimer: I have no idea whether all Asians are lactose intolerant, I’m guessing they aren’t

And there you have it. It might be a while until I can create some more of these but I’ll do my best. Remember, I have a proposition for you. If you post a comment or shoot us an email I’ll make a customized doodle with whatever you want. Want to see a centaur ice skating on the moon? You got it, just drop us a line.

Hope you enjoyed my doodles!

6 Responses to “Domino’s Doodles (NSFW)”
  1. clogreens says:

    I want my hamster with a snidley whiplash mustache and a top hat while he plays me a song on the piano, or elton john the hamster playing a concert for a bunch of cats

  2. linzknit says:

    “Lactose intolerance is fairly common. It seems to affect guys and girls equally. Some ethnic groups are more likely to be affected than others because their diets traditionally include fewer dairy products: Almost all Asians and Native Americans are lactose intolerant, and up to 80% of African Americans and Hispanic Americans also have symptoms of lactose intolerance. Their ancestors did not eat dairy foods, so their bodies were not prepared to digest dairy, and they passed these genes on from generation to generation.”

  3. ashknit says:

    Marty McFly flying off the Eiffel tower on his hover board inches away from colliding with Indiana jones swinging on his bullwhip from a lightning bolt.

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