Thank Bowie Its Friday!

It’s finally here, TGIF! I hope the week has been treating you well, it’s practically the weekend, so let’s act accordingly… like a boss.  This week I’ll be talking about ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in the work place.  Before we dive into that let’s do a little weekly recap of this week’s biggest stories.
The GOP got their way in Wisconsin, debunking my early prediction on the event. It looks like the scorned unions and progressives will be attempting to recall some state senators and eventually the gov’nah, that’s fun. Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2, the most expensive toy in the world just got even more expensive. HOLY SHIT, Japan got rocked by an earthquake and subsequent flooding, sending a tsunami out into the Pacific. I don’t really have a joke for that, if you’ve seen any of the videos you know how terrifying it all looks. My heart goes out to you Japan; hopefully you’ll be producing creepy robots again in no time. (Ok, I couldn’t help it)

Alright, a lot of people, me included, are of the mindset that change is hard. I like routine to an extent, at least when it comes to work. I like knowing how my morning will go, when I’ll take my lunch break, what I need to get done on certain days. Little changes seem to make big waves (too soon?). This week we got some new office furniture and a new desk was on the docket for yours truly. Now, I liked my old desk, it was big and had a lot of storage but it was pretty old and uglier than Sloth in The Goonies, and not unlike Sloth there was a certain charm to it. After a few hours of cleaning everything out and getting resituated my work space has drastically changed.

Truth be told, things look a lot nicer and I was able to fit everything into the smaller desk but that’s not the point! I experienced severe mental trauma! I was pouty and sad to see the old desk go, we had shared so much.  The countless hours I spent behind its faded wood top, the way I casually set beverages on its surface, even the clutter from papers are all just memories now of a time that has passed me by. Take a security blanket away from a child, that’s how I felt about that desk. What kind of a monster does that?!

Furniture isn’t the only thing that changes in an office. Working people know all too well that policy or personnel changes are around every corner. “Why did you format your monthly report like this Domino? Did you not get the new template? That’s how we USED to do it.” Gah! Fuck you! It makes no difference! Seriously, what is the point of changing something that seemed to be just fine for everyone? I think there is a cabal of corporate officers that do this stuff just to keep employees sharp and on their toes. I realize that you have to keep up with the Jones’s in the business world but sometimes it gets a little ridiculous. Its cliché, but think Office Space TPS reports.

Gaining new colleagues is bitter sweet for me. On the one hand it’s good to have positions filled so things run smoothly; no one likes to work harder than they have to. On the other hand, I am terrible about making new people feel welcome. It’s not that I want them to feel alienated but when it’s a work relationship you have to take a different approach. You never want to reveal too much about yourself from the start and asking them a question that makes them uncomfortable can be even worse. In my experience its always seems to work itself out and I have good office relations but getting there can suck sometimes, again change bothers me.

But variety is the spice of life right!? You got to mix things up to keep it fresh; as much as I grit my teeth at the thought of things being different I know that’s true. What’s funny about this rant is by the time the weekend is over and I go back in I’ll no doubt forget about the way things used to be. My new surroundings will quickly become the norm and I’ll be fine.

Alright, that’s it for me, thanks for letting me waste some of your time on this lovely Friday afternoon. Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend and stay out of trouble. A quick note, if you have any suggestions for the ever popular ‘Domino’s Doodles’ please post a comment or send an e-mail to with some ideas. So far I’ve got enough to keep me busy for a while but the more the merrier. Thanks for choosing Life After Having A Life as your premier weapon in the fight against productivity.

One Response to “Thank Bowie Its Friday!”
  1. clogreens says:

    Don’t let them take your stapler, but it’s best to at first take the approach of greeting new coworkers like meeting a girl’s parents for the first time. You want them to like you enough to not chase you out of the house with a gun and/or knife, or you can meet new coworkers as if your grandma was in the room too but like a cool grandma not an ultra racist, crotchety crazy cat lady. Maybe like a Bea Arthur or the drugged out old lady from grandma’s boy. This all changes however depending on the gender, ethnicity, and orientation of said new coworker though of course, oh and if the coworker has huge brains it’s a totally different story.

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