Thank Cai Shen its Friday!

Hey team! Its Friday and Domino is back to bring you another edition of TGIF! Today we’re going to be discussing the happier side of work, those weeks where things just seem to go right. Before we dive into that lets do a brief recap of the week. Shall we? Oh yes, we shall.

The GOP, after creating a senseless debate about women’s health issues that almost shutdown the government last Friday, did NOT have the votes to actually pass the budget deal and got bailed out by Democrats. What I’m saying is the US government is irreparably broken. In related news, water is wet.

A book I read once as a teenager, Atlas Shrugged, is debuting in movie form today. If you enjoy calling people of lower socio-economic backgrounds “parasites” or “looters” and trying to find ways to rationalize your hatred of social programs this is the movie to see this weekend. This flick has something for everyone! Let’s say you’re an average middle class American that hasn’t been voting their actual interests for years, well have no fear. The author of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, was a confused hypocrite too! While she decided to spend her whole life decrying government welfare programs she didn’t see any problem collecting Social Security and Medicare under her husband’s name in her later years. It does, however, look like it has nice cinematography.

Will Ferrell has started his stint on The Office. His character was pretty funny, albeit pretty much the same character he’s ever played ever. It’s hard to hate on that guy though. My biggest concern with The Office is the end of this season they’ll be pulling the audience’s heartstrings about Michael leaving just to do it all over again when the inevitably cancel the show. Just make me laugh, alright?! If I wanted drama I’d watch Mad Men. Except I fucking can’t until 2012.

Alright, so this week at work my office got some good news, very good news. A little back story, we’ve recently had some personnel issues that sort of threw everything into chaos and we’ve all been trying to brush ourselves off and get organized. Well this week we learned that a very important client of ours wants to continue doing business with us which means $$$. Fuck yeah. Basically we’re set for the rest of the year, fiscal and calendar. We weren’t in dire straits but if we didn’t get the contract it was going to be quite the uphill battle. Now we don’t really need to make any quick hiring decisions, we don’t have to stress out; we can all take a deep breath and relax.

As I left the office yesterday after hearing the good news I wondered what this would mean for me. The answer I came up with was a four month mental vacation. Will I still come in every morning and log my 40 hrs a week? Of course. Will I be giving any serious thought to my work and put forth my best effort. Hell no. See, I like to think that I’m at least partly responsible for the company’s good fortune so this is my way of rewarding me. The best part? No one will care at all, we’re all in a good mood malaise riding the happy boat down the felicitous river. Why human resources hasn’t bought an office keg for us to get to drinkin on is beyond me.

Shamed and dirtied but relieved and satisfied.

These are the things you have to cherish the most and they do not come often enough. All of the millions of reasons why you hate waking up, going to work, and wasting away your life sort of melts away for a bit. It’s like when you’re lying in bed post-coitus. You may not be that attracted to the person you just banged, they may even get a little too chatty and annoying sometimes, but for the moment you’re relieved and satisfied. Relieved and satisfied. Good enough for me.

Alright team, make good decisions this weekend. The NBA playoffs start tomorrow so if you need an excuse to drink there it is. Go Thunder!


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