Alex Trebek Will Choke a Bitch

In case anyone missed it last week, Jeopardy host and consummate badass Alex Trebek had his San Francisco hotel room robbed by the Blair Witch. How did Trebek respond? Considering that he’s in his 70’s I think we’d all understand if he barricaded himself in the bathroom, furiously pounding his Life Alert button while he left the hookers I assume were in the bed with him to die.

But no, Trebek did not run and hide. He chased down and subdued his would be burglar.  Now, full disclosure, I stopped reading this news story and let my imagination run wild with this one, but I’m pretty sure Trebek beat the thief to within an inch of her life. That’s the story I’m sticking to anyway.

Here are some photographic interpretations of what Alex Trebek (hopefully) said to the would be thief.


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