TMFGIF: Thank Motherfucking God it’s Friday

Domino Cortez runs down what if feels like on his last Friday ever at his soul sucking corporate job. (Spoiler: it feels good. So, so good).


Thank Cai Shen its Friday!

Hey team! Its Friday and Domino is back to bring you another edition of TGIF! Today we’re going to be discussing the happier side of work, those weeks where things just seem to go right. Before we dive into that lets do a brief recap of the week. Shall we? Oh yes, we shall. The … Continue reading

Dan Akroyd Would Like to Have a Few Words With You

Sunday afternoon may have changed my life forever. It seemed like a typical Sunday, milling around the house, mindlessly enjoying my day off before I had to return to the daily grind. That was all about to change. I sat down for a little roommate bonding sesh that would include a viewing of ‘Dan Akroyd … Continue reading

Thank Bowie Its Friday!

It’s finally here, TGIF! I hope the week has been treating you well, it’s practically the weekend, so let’s act accordingly… like a boss.  This week I’ll be talking about ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in the work place.  Before we dive into that let’s do a little weekly recap of this week’s biggest stories. The GOP got their … Continue reading

I Must Have Found a Face-Up Penny or Run Over a Leprechaun or Something…

Last night something pretty amazing happened to me, I won something. I’ll back it up a bit to fill you in on the deets. Yesterday afternoon I got a text asking if I wanted to go to a concert, or as the kids call em these days “a show.” I had never heard of this … Continue reading

Domino’s Doodles (NSFW)

Welcome back to Domino’s Doodles where I attempt to brighten up your day with some drawings I’ve been working on. Without further adieu lets jump right on in. First up is a softcore porn drawing. Both participants really seem to be enjoying themselves, no? I added some color to symbolize the passion of coitus, decided … Continue reading

Domino’s Doodles

Hey guys, I’m starting a new semi-regular feature called Domino’s Doodles and this will be my first installment. Basically I’ll just be posting pictures of drawings that I’ve been working on. Most of them are nonsensical, which is more or less the point, but I hope that they’ll make you laugh or brighten up your … Continue reading

I Don’t Care

A couple recent events have led me to some self reflection and I think this last year I’ve finally learned one of life’s most important lessons: Stop giving a shit about what people think of you. That’s right, when your mom told you life isn’t a popularity contest and you should just be yourself, she … Continue reading

The Best of February

  In case for some reason you missed any of the brilliant articles we wrote during the most depressing month of the year, here they are: My Snowpocalypse Diary The personal diary I kept while attempting to survive the epic Snowpocalypse of 2011. Spoiler alert, I died and all posts published since have been authored … Continue reading

My Time Living with the Vatican Assassins

  My colleague Rob did an excellent job detailing his experience with the Vatican Assassin Lenny Dykstra. I too have a story to tell, one that I thought I’d never share for fear of death, but now that Charlie Sheen has shed light on the brotherhood I think it’s my time to come forward. I … Continue reading

Thank Hermes its Friday!

Its Friday mutha fuckas! Welcome to my weekly installment of TGIF, this week’s theme is: Everybody’s workin for the weekend. A lot has been happening this week, people are still protesting in the land of cheese, Muammar Gaddafi is hell bent on establishing his legacy as a genocidal maniac, and the Academy Awards are on … Continue reading

Thank St. Isidore It’s Friday!

It’s that time again interwebs, its TGIF! This week I’ll be covering the impact of having internet access at work. I want to bear my soul to you for a minute; Uncle Domino did not have a good week. I won’t bore you with the specifics but things really did not go my way. This … Continue reading

Watch Out for Those Angry Badgers

UPDATE: As if the news coming from the Wisconsin Protests wasn’t entertaining enough. This screen shot is taken from Democratic Wisconsin state senator Lena C. Taylor’s Facebook page. How can you NOT root for these people?   Workers of the world unite! OK, now that our liberal readers are forming a line to jerk me … Continue reading

Domino’s Guide to Handling VD

For many, today is a special day. Gifts will be given, romantic dinners eaten, and couples from around the world will share warm embraces and fuck and stuff.  It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m sure at this point your mom has already called, or if she’s tech savvy sent a nice text, wishing you a happy VD. … Continue reading

Thank Hygieia It’s Friday!

What’s up hordes of the internet? Welcome to another installment of my weekly TGIF post. This week in TGIF I’ll be covering the hassle of daily grooming as required by most office policies. As some of you may already know I fucked up my back this week. In the cruelest of ironies the pain took … Continue reading

Broke Back Parking Lot

Getting old sucks. Realizing that your body is getting old sucks even more. I am in the midst of a self inflicted back injury and I would like to say, “Fuck! This fucking hurts!” The cause of the injury only serves to make me feel more feeble and embarrassed; I was trying to push my … Continue reading

Super Bowl Prop Bets (Part 2)

by Domino Cortez and Kyle Hanes Will the funniest commercial be a Budweiser Commercial? (Yes/No) – Domino Cortez Budweiser commercials and the Super Bowl go together like my stomach and scotch. These are the commercials that dominate my childhood memories and set the bar for other companies. So will a Bud commercial be the best? … Continue reading

Tripping (Snow)Balls

Woah. I feel like I just woke up from a hallucinogenic dream. Oh wait, I did. That’s because I spent some time tripping on mushrooms during the snow storm on Tuesday. I, like many people, was pretty damn excited for the forecast of thundersnow and the complete shutdown of the town resulting in a day, … Continue reading

The Best of January

I have a feeling that after seeing the title of this post you, as the reader, are asking yourself one of two questions: 1) Are they really that lazy that they’re going to use up a post rehashing old posts instead of writing something new? (yes) 2) Are they really so arrogant that they think … Continue reading

Thank Buddha for this Day of Nirvana

And we meet again. Welcome back to Uncle Domino’s weekly TGIF piece. As is usual around these parts I’ll be covering the joys of working for a living, but this week’s special emphasis is sure to be a treat: asshole bosses! Before we dive into that I want to rehash an old topic for a … Continue reading