TMFGIF: Thank Motherfucking God it’s Friday

Domino Cortez runs down what if feels like on his last Friday ever at his soul sucking corporate job. (Spoiler: it feels good. So, so good).


Thank Cai Shen its Friday!

Hey team! Its Friday and Domino is back to bring you another edition of TGIF! Today we’re going to be discussing the happier side of work, those weeks where things just seem to go right. Before we dive into that lets do a brief recap of the week. Shall we? Oh yes, we shall. The … Continue reading

Thank Bowie Its Friday!

It’s finally here, TGIF! I hope the week has been treating you well, it’s practically the weekend, so let’s act accordingly… like a boss.  This week I’ll be talking about ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in the work place.  Before we dive into that let’s do a little weekly recap of this week’s biggest stories. The GOP got their … Continue reading

Thank Hermes its Friday!

Its Friday mutha fuckas! Welcome to my weekly installment of TGIF, this week’s theme is: Everybody’s workin for the weekend. A lot has been happening this week, people are still protesting in the land of cheese, Muammar Gaddafi is hell bent on establishing his legacy as a genocidal maniac, and the Academy Awards are on … Continue reading

Thank St. Isidore It’s Friday!

It’s that time again interwebs, its TGIF! This week I’ll be covering the impact of having internet access at work. I want to bear my soul to you for a minute; Uncle Domino did not have a good week. I won’t bore you with the specifics but things really did not go my way. This … Continue reading

Thank Hygieia It’s Friday!

What’s up hordes of the internet? Welcome to another installment of my weekly TGIF post. This week in TGIF I’ll be covering the hassle of daily grooming as required by most office policies. As some of you may already know I fucked up my back this week. In the cruelest of ironies the pain took … Continue reading

Much Thanks to Allah for Bestowing a Friday Upon His People

Happy Friday friends, we made it! Welcome back to our weekly edition of TGIF where I will be covering the joys of participating in corporate America. This week: office supplies! (I know, just try to get through the post before you send the URL to everyone you know.) First things first, the weather has been … Continue reading

Thank Galgameth Its Friday!

  It’s Friday which means we get to sit down together for this weekly feature and air our grievances. Though every week we’ll spend a little time discussing how shitty working on Fridays, or at all, is I’m also going to cover a new topic each week. This week, work pooping and the joys it … Continue reading